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Jim Clark was the speaker at both services today.  The morning sermon was There Is Forgiveness from Psalms 130.  170903-SA-JimClark


The afternoon sermon was Teach Us To Pray from Luke 11:1.  170903-SP-JimClark

Jim Clark spoke on Becoming Wiser from Proverbs 9:9 at the morning service.  170827-SA-JimClark



Paul Sain was our guest speaker at the afternoon service.  170827-SP-PaulSain


Back to our regular schedule this week: Jim Clark presented a lesson this morning entitled Proving with Questions, using 1 Kings 10:1-2 & 2 Chronicles 9:1.  170813-SA-JimClark


At the evening service, Jim spoke on Noah: Faith and Favor using Hebrews 11:7.  170813-SP-JimClark


This week we are excited to host our annual summer Gospel Meeting.  We will have a different speaker at every service.

Sunday AM: Andy Erwin of West Fayetteville, editor of The Gospel Gleaner.  170806-SA-AndyErwin


Sunday PM: Bill Cantrell of East Huntsville.  170806-SP-BillCantrell


Monday: Mark Posey of Austinville spoke on King David: A Man After God's Own Heart.  170807-GM-MarkPosey


Tuesday: David Sain.  170808-GT-DavidSain


Wednesday: Dick Sztanyo.  170809-GW-DickSztanyo


We were honored with two fine guest speakers today.  Our morning speaker was Harry Hames of Flint, who spoke to us about mission work in Haiti.  170716-HarryHames


At the afternoon service, Randy Pyle of Meridianville Church of Christ.  170716-SP-RandyPyle

At the morning service, Jim Clark spoke on The Right Man from the book of Joshua.  170709-SA-JimClark


Our guest speaker at the afternoon service was Tommy Dozier.  170709-SP-TommyDozier

Jim Clark's lesson this morning was Promoting Meaningful Change using Romans 12:1-2.  170702-SA-JimClark


Jim's afternoon sermon asked Is There Not a Cause? using 1 Samuel 17:29.  170702-SP-JimClark



Jim Clark spoke at both services today.  The morning sermon was Measuring Things by Eternity from Ecclesiastes 3:11.  170625-SA-JimClark


The afternoon sermon was When Life is a Win/Win Situation from Philippians 1:21.  170625-SP-JimClark

Jim Clark's lesson this morning was Father of Us All, using Romans 4:16.  170618-SA-JimClark


At the evening service, Jim raised the question Is It Nothing To You? using Lamentations 1:12.  170618-SP-JimClark

We had 2 guests speakers today!  C. Wayne Kilpatrick of Heritage Christian University spoke at the morning service.  170604-SA-CWayneKilpatrick


At the evening service, our speaker was Demar Elam, Director of the Open Door Ministry and Director of Mission Studies at Amridge University.  170604-SP-DemarElam