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This week we are excited to host our annual summer Gospel Meeting.  We will have a different speaker at every service.

Sunday AM: Andy Erwin of West Fayetteville, editor of The Gospel Gleaner.  170806-SA-AndyErwin


Sunday PM: Bill Cantrell of East Huntsville.  170806-SP-BillCantrell


Monday: Mark Posey of Austinville spoke on King David: A Man After God's Own Heart.  170807-GM-MarkPosey


Tuesday: David Sain.  170808-GT-DavidSain


Wednesday: Dick Sztanyo.  170809-GW-DickSztanyo


Our Spring Gospel Meeting is underway!  Our guest speaker is Stan Stevenson of Rome, Tennessee.

Stan's lesson in the Sunday Morning Bible Class was The Bible is Like a Hammer.  170402-SB-StanStevenson  


At the morning worship service, Stan spoke on What Must I Do to be Saved?  170402-SA-StanStevenson  


Stan spoke on Distinctiveness of the Church at the afternoon service.  170402-SP-StanStevenson


On Monday, Stan delivered Lessons from David & Goliath.  170403-MG-StanStevenson


Stan continued his lessons on Tuesday...  170404-TG-StanStevenson


...and Wednesday.  170405-WG-StanStevenson

David Sain was the first speaker of our August Gospel Meeting.   160807-SA-DavidSain


Our afternoon speaker was Ron Williams of the Lincoln Church of Christ, who brought us the lesson What Satan Whispers: The Tools of the Devil from Ephesians 6:10-12.  160807-SP-RonWilliams


On Monday evening, our speaker was Randy Pyle, pulpit minister of the Meridianville Church of Christ.  160808-GM-RandyPyle


Our Tuesday speaker was Kyle Butt of Apologetics Press.  160809-GT-KyleButt


C Wayne Kilpatrick closed out our Gospel Meeting with a lesson on The Parable of the Lost Sheep from Luke 15:1-7.  160810-GW-CWayneKilpatrick

Robert Taylor, Jr. spoke each evening at our Spring Gospel Meeting.

Monday:  160404-MG-RobertTaylorJr


Tuesday:  160405-TG-RobertTaylorJr


Wednesday: 160406-WG-RobertTaylorJr

We began our Gospel Meeting this morning with Robert Taylor, Jr., of Ripley, Tennessee, as our speaker.  At the morning service, he spoke on Keynotes from the books of the Old Testament.  160403-SA-RobertTaylorJr


At the evening service, Brother Taylor spoke on Keynotes from the books of the New Testament.  160403-SP-RobertTaylorJr


Our Gospel Meeting began on Sunday and runs through Wednesday.  Join us if you can!

Our first speaker was Chris Kemp of Calhoun, GA.  Chris spoke in the Adult Bible Class... 150802-SB-ChrisKemp


... and the worship hour.  150802-SA-ChrisKemp


Our Sunday evening speaker was Bill Cantrell of  the East Huntsville Church of Christ.  150802-SP-BillCantrell


Monday evening our own Ken Butterworth brought us a lesson titled Don't Ever Give Up, Don't Ever Give Out, Don't Ever Give In, using numerous scriptures, beginning with Galatians 6:9.  150803-GM-KenButterworth


On Tuesday evening our speaker was Allen Webster of the Jacksonville Church of Christ150804-GT-AllenWebster


Our final speaker of the week was Gary Bradley Jr.  His lesson began in II Samuel 3.  150805-GW-GaryBradleyJr


We began our Gospel Meeting Sunday morning, with speaker Barry Gilreath, Jr., of the Jackson Heights Church of Christ in Florence, Alabama.  Brother Gilreath spoke first in the Adult Bible Class.  150405-SB-BarryGilreathJr


At the worship hour, Brother Gilreath's lesson was A Lame Man, Dead Dog, & a Bright Future, citing 2 Samuel 9:1-13.  150405-SA-BarryGilreathJr


At the evening services, Barry spoke on Regaining Your Moral Compass, using Psalms 9:10 and 119:9-11, 119:2-4, and 119:14-18.  150405-SP-BarryGilreathJr


Monday's sermon was Piecing Together Bible Truth.  150406-MG-BarryGilreathJr  


Tuesday's lesson was titled The Conversion of a Good Moral Sinner.  150407-TG-BarryGilreathJr


Brother Gilreath closed out our meeting on Wednesday with Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves.  150408-WG-BarryGilreathJr