No Respector of Persons from Acts 10:34-35 was Jim Clark's sermon at the morning service.  171210-SA-JimClark


The afternoon lesson from Jim was The Law of Implication from 2 Corinthians 5:14-15.  171210-SP-JimClark

Jim Clark spoke at both services today.  The morning sermon was Ten THings to Improve One's Influence, using Matthew 5:13-16.  171203-SA-JimClark


The afternoon sermon was Thoughts to Obedience using 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.  171203-SP-JimClark

At the morning service, Jim Clark spoke on Gratitude from Psalm 100.  171119-SA-JimClark


Jim's afternoon sermon was Come Now and Let Us Reason Together from Isaiah 1:18.  171119-SP-JimClark

This morning Jim Clark spoke on The Blessing of Worship from Psalm 84.  171112-SA-JimClark


At the afternoon service, Scott Shanahan spoke about his mission work in Ireland.  171112-SP-Scott Shanahan

Jim Clark was the speaker at both services today.  The morning lesson was Mercy and Truth from Psalm 25:10.  171105-SA-JimClark


The afternoon lesson was Abraham's Prayer from Genesis 18:23-33.  171105-SP-JimClark

At the morning service, Jim Clark spoke on The Concepts of Christian Relationships from 1 Timothy 3:15.  171022-SA-JimClark


At the evening service, Ken Butterworth spoke on His Love, His Church.  171029-SP-KenButterworth

The Practicality of the Christian Life using John 10:10 was Jim Clark's lesson at the morning service.  171022-SA-JimClark


At the evening service we were honored with a visit from Doyle Kee, who has worked in French-speaking missions for nearly 50 years.  171022-SP-DoyleKee

Jim Clark brought us two lessons today.  At the morning service, Jim spoke on II Corinthians 9:15 - "Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift."  171008-SA-JimClark


Jim spoke about Manner of Prayer at the afternoon service, using Matthew 6:9.  171008-SP-JimClark


Jim Clark spoke on Spiritual Sacrifices from I Peter 2:5 at the morning service.  171001-SA-JimClark


At the afternoon service we were honored with a visit by Chris Herd, an Aussie missionary working in New Zealand.  171001SP-ChrisHerd


We were honored to have two fine guest speakers today.  Miles Stutts of the Atlas Church of Christ in Killen, Alabama, was the speaker at our morning service.  170917-SA-MilesStutts


David Barker of the Midway Church of Christ in Moulton spoke at our afternoon service.  170917-SP-DavidBarker