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Jim Clark led our Sunday AM Bible Study 161002-SB-JimClark


Jim Clark also delivered the lesson during the worship service on Sunday AM 161002-SA-JimClark


Kevin Markum spoke Sunday PM about "The Relationship of the Lord's Supper to Our Covenant". 161002-SP-KevinMarkum


This Morning in Bible Class Jody Apple, from the International Gospel Hour  was our teacher.


Jody Apple was the Speaker this Morning for our worship service.!staff/c1igm



For our evening services Ken Butterworth spoke about what he would preach IF tonight was his last lesson to ever preach.


Scott Wright taught our auditorium class this morning and his lesson was titled "Location Matters". 160619_0821.mp3


Scott Wright spoke during the morning assembly on "The God Who Fights". 160619_0822.mp3


Scott Wright spoke during our evening assembly asking the question, "What Manner of Persons Ought you to Be?". Hebrews 10 teaches that we ought to be Committed, Consistent, Compassionate, and Confident. 160619_0823.mp3

Jim Clark taught class this morning on Psalm 144. 151011-SB-Jim Clark


Jim Clark delivered our sermon this morning on The Sovereignty of Kingdom. 151011-SA-JimClark


Jim Clark delivered our sermon this evening titled "The Promise of Ruin and Return" from Amos 9. 151011_SP-Jim Clark

Jim Clark lead the discussion in the Adult Bible Class this morning on Psalm 120. 150426_0549.mp3


Jim Clark spoke on Improving Worship at the morning worship hour. 150426_0550.mp3


At the evening service, Jim Clark continued a study on The Book of Jonah using Jonah 2. 150426_0551.mp3