Jesus gave the “great commission” in Matthew 28:19-20.  The apostle Paul is a good example of someone following the Lord’s command.  Paul did this by going on mission trips to evangelize (Acts  13:2-3), and to strengthen new and/or weak congregations (Acts 15:36), and he was involved in relief efforts for those in need (Acts 11:29-30). At Bethel we try to follow the example Paul left us in these three areas.

Evangelizing: Bethel supports and works with missionary efforts to take God’s word to people who have never heard it; in the Congo, Guyana, Nigeria, Philippines, Saipan and surrounding Pacific Islands, Thailand and Zimbabwe.

Edifying: We also work to strengthen small churches in places where the work is not easy; Australia, France, Romania, Switzerland, and some places in the United States. We support periodicals and radio and television efforts as well.

Benevolence: Bethel gives liberally to help those in need, from individuals, to orphan homes, to disaster relief efforts, on a world wide basis.