Monthly Archives: February 2016

At the morning service, Jim Clark concluded his Fulfilling Our Purpose series with Brethren from 1 Timothy 3:15 and 5:1-2.  160228-SA-JimClark


At the evening service Jim spoke again on the minor prophet Micah, with the lesson What Does the Lord Require? from Micah 6:8.  160228-SP-JimClark


Our speaker at both services today was Jim Clark.  The morning lesson was a continuation of the series Fulfilling Our Purpose: Parenting using Judges 13:12.  160221-SA-JimClark


The evening service continued Jim's series on Micah with the lesson The Ruler and the Remnant from Micah 5:2-15.  160221-SP-JimClark


This morning Jim Clark continued his "purpose" series with Fulfilling Our Purpose: Women, using I Timothy 2:8-15.  160214-SA-JimClark


At the evening service, our speaker was Blake Davis, a new missionary that we recently began to help support in Virginia.  For more from Blake, check his blog at  160214-SP-BlakeDavis

This morning Jim Clark began a new series with Fulfilling our Purpose: Men from I Kings 2:2.  160207-SP-JimClark


At the evening service, Jim continued his minor prophet series with Micah 4:1-5:1: A Blessed Future160207-SP-JimClark