Monthly Archives: June 2015

This morning Jim Clark continued his series on Improving Worship with a lesson on The Lord's Supper from Acts 20:7.  150628-SA-JimClark


Jimmy Clark spoke tonight on " Walking With God?" from Amos 3150628-SA-JimClark

Our guest speaker this morning in the Adult Bible Class was Steve Ferguson of Elkmont.  150621-SB-SteveFerguson


At the worship hour, Steve spoke on The Other Father150621_0587.mp3


Ron Williams of the Lincoln Church of Christ in Huntsville was our guest speaker at the evening service.  150621-SP-RonWilliams

C. Wayne Kilpatrick was our guest speaker this morning.  In the Adult Bible Class, he  presented a report on his mission work in Mexico.  150614-SB-WayneKilpatrick


Wayne also presented the lesson at the morning worship service:  150614-SA-WayneKilpatrick


Our guest speaker at the evening worship service was Ken Butterworth.  150614-SP-KenButterworth

Bill Skipworth was the guest speaker this morning in both the Adult Bible Class... 150607-SB-BillSkipworth


...and in the Worship Hour, when he used John 19 to speak on strengthening faith when your love for Christ or man weakens.  150607-SA-BillSkipworth


Jeff Woods was the speaker at the evening service.  150607-SP-JeffWoods