Monthly Archives: April 2015

Jim Clark lead the discussion in the Adult Bible Class this morning on Psalm 120. 150426_0549.mp3


Jim Clark spoke on Improving Worship at the morning worship hour. 150426_0550.mp3


At the evening service, Jim Clark continued a study on The Book of Jonah using Jonah 2. 150426_0551.mp3

Bill Skipworth lead the discussion in the Adult Bible Class this morning.  150419_0545.mp3


Jim Clark spoke on Grace and the Heart of the Gospel at the morning worship hour, using Romans 6:1-6.  150419-SA-JimClark


At the evening service, Jim Clark spoke on The Book of Jonah: More Than a Fish Tale using Jonah 1.  150419-SP-JimClark

We had a variety of speakers on Sunday.  Ken Butterworth lead the Adult Bible Class.  150412-SB-KenButterworth


Randy Baker was the speaker at the morning worship hour.  150412-SA-RandyBaker


Tommy Dozier spoke at the evening worship service.  150412-SP-TommyDozier

We began our Gospel Meeting Sunday morning, with speaker Barry Gilreath, Jr., of the Jackson Heights Church of Christ in Florence, Alabama.  Brother Gilreath spoke first in the Adult Bible Class.  150405-SB-BarryGilreathJr


At the worship hour, Brother Gilreath's lesson was A Lame Man, Dead Dog, & a Bright Future, citing 2 Samuel 9:1-13.  150405-SA-BarryGilreathJr


At the evening services, Barry spoke on Regaining Your Moral Compass, using Psalms 9:10 and 119:9-11, 119:2-4, and 119:14-18.  150405-SP-BarryGilreathJr


Monday's sermon was Piecing Together Bible Truth.  150406-MG-BarryGilreathJr  


Tuesday's lesson was titled The Conversion of a Good Moral Sinner.  150407-TG-BarryGilreathJr


Brother Gilreath closed out our meeting on Wednesday with Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves.  150408-WG-BarryGilreathJr